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My Highlight Projects.

I work for brands, their public image, marketing campaigns as well as the technology that propels them to the next level while engaging their customers to transact. I offer a complete range of skills that ensures marketing leads to sales and supports the process of customer conversion.

My Skills.

With over 5 years of experience in agency or as freelance, I put a strong emphasis on user-centered designs and on an efficient project management process. I always improve all the different stage of the communication process to can bring my customer to the next step. Proposing them the best digital solution. I also get involved with Typography, Photography, Illustration and Html 5 / Css 3 / Javascript to keep a strong technical knowledge up to date.

Project Management.

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals, in this discipline I carefully project and plan the main frame, organize, motivate and controll any resources to achieve the specific customer goals and meet them specific success criteria. My vision is to create and produce a unique product.


Thanks to a strong experience in and out agency. I've been involved on several great advertisement project, using the latest technology as the RED camera, BlackMagic, Canon or Sony. I also got a precise knowledge of all the pipeline movie production, including 3D process.


Since my early age, I'm impress to can capture a moment and show it to the world on the best angle, also alongside my career I've always been involved in photography community and already realized few exhibition. Thanks to this knowledge link to the videography one I've always been focus to can show all my customers or products on the best point of view.


As Leo Burnett said "The work of an advertising agency is warmly and immediately human. It deals with human needs, wants, dreams and hopes. Its 'product' cannot be turned out on an assembly line." I always been turn to my client's customer in all the branding and marketing work. Always looking for understand them habbit, them needs and the expectation to can offer a campain or a brand image which bring them beyond.


"It’s very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better." Design is science, it's a knowledge. Maybe the most important one when you have a strong marketing study. Also my goal always been to be up to date, to be focus on typography, on modern design, on UX Design to can offer a simpler way to our target to understand the advantage of the product they could need.

Web Development & SEO.

Get a good ranking, be in the first in the result, it's a race. My goal is to stay all the time user focus, understand the engine and what make the difference, know in detail all technology you have to use in your website, what is the best approach of the different actors of the web as the search engine, the social network and responsive to all our modern devices. It's why my goal always been involve with using Html 5, CSS 3, php, Javascript.

Who am I.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Guillaume Lassiat as know as William when I'm working foreign my country. I have over 5 years of experience in communication.
When I describe my professional goals, it's always the same triptych balance. A good Marketing analyse, a strong Technical knowledge and a pixel perfect Design. without any of these three point, any no project can be successfully.
Then thanks to my worldwide customers and several travels in 40 different country. I learn how to observe and decrypt the habit of your target without been involve in them, as a third person.

My Process.

From the beginning to the end. A precise observation and a good analyse of the target. Try to be as close of them as possible, to can understand them deepest need, them deepest wishes. Be organize and plan every detail of all aspect of a project. Find the solution to reach the budget and avoid any extra expense. Integrate a team fast and be efficient as fast as possible and learn how to motivate them to produce the best work.

My Approach.

I always keep in my mind the triptych balance of communication I follow. In every domain my approach is the same, consider as science the Marketing side, the Technical side and the Design side. It means respect rules the most relevant actors made and apply them on our client project.

My Goal.

Create the best product, respect the planning, answering to the final target wishes. Convert them thanks to an appropriate technology, media, in a wonderful setting.

My Mission.

Create a smooth, efficient, easy to use project, which bring my customer to the next level.

They can speak about me.

Maxime Lacoste

Digital Designer at BWM Dentsu

Maxime is Digital Designer specialised in UI/UX, Flash & ActionScript, with 7 years of experience. We used to work together on several project as Diasys.

Antoine Elizabe

Director and Producer at Illegalprod

Antoine is a successful Director and Producer, who create now advertising spot for Renault Sport, Jaguar, Ferrari ... We work on several project during the last six years on several advertisement project.

Arnaud Cauly

3D Modeler

Arnaud is a talented 3D modeler who know perfectly all the pipeline production of the 3D movies, he had recently the opportunity to work on a french animation blockbuster. We used to work together on several 3D projects as Diasys or Sodimas.

Sandrine Perenes

Front End Developer at Digital Arts Network Auckland.

Sandrine is a french frontie building interfaces for web based applications from small to large-scale projects. Currently working at DAN Auckland.

I'm passionnate about the new technology and the communication since my earliest age

And I want to be a part of this future with you !

  • “I’ve worked with Guillaume on projects for Tesla Motors. He always showed an amazing motivation in producing the best work quality. He is really exigent with himself and you can see it in his project results. In addition to this Guillaume is really a talented artist with a mind full of ingenious idea. It’s a real pleasure to work with Guillaume.”

    Timothée Rischmann
    Timothée Rischmann Store Manager, Tesla.
  • “I worked with Guillaume on three projects, a real pleasure at each time. Guillaume is open minded, fast, he is always looking for the new and the right solution, and respects the schedule.

Great creative and technical skills, good capacity of management and work with a team. I’m sure, I will work again with him.”

    Antoine Elizabe
    Antoine Elizabe Director et Produceur at Illegalprod
  • “I’ve had the opportunity to work with Guillaume on several projects and it has always been a pleasure collaborating with him. Organised, fast and reliable under pressure, Guillaume has solid management skills. On top of that, he has a very strong technic knowledge, making his understanding of digital possibilities and boundaries excellent, therefore easing the workflow with the production teams. All this combined makes him a great project manager and a very good asset for a team. I hope we’ll be working together again in the future.”

    Maxime Lacoste
    Maxime Lacoste Digital Designer at BWM Dentsu

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With over 5 years of experience in agency or as freelance, I put a strong emphasis on user-centered designs and on an efficient project management process. I also get involved with Typography, Photography, Illustration and Html 5 / Css 3 / Javascript.

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